Weekend Movies – Minimal Amount, Dealing with Society

God’s Not Dead 2 It seems that the name of Jesus is not appreciated by everybody (Hey, that’s typical even today) so beloved teacher Grace Wesley intends to share her love of Christ to reach out to more people and show them the power of the lord. She gets her chance when one student named Brooke goes through a hard time. However Grace’s love for God one day escalates into a serious issue leading to a court case that eliminates the name of God from the college she teaches at. Sounds a bit extreme for a drama but at the same time this is probably what Christians deal with. At least it’s not Jehovah’s witnesses, I usually turn on the sprinklers when I see them on my property.

Midnight Special Time for some science fiction. Michael Shannon and Jaeden Lieberher play a father and son duo escaping the feds as the son has strange super powers that are considered unnatural. Sounds like an exciting science fiction film and another interesting flick by Jeff Nichols. Sure to have interesting effects. Also looks like there could be an emotional heartwarming end as well. The last they ever had saw him, carried away by a midnight special…


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