Smith Out on Bail, Film Industry Good for Sask, and Festivals in Cabbagetown and Thunder Bay

(Via PRNewswire) Trailer Park Boys’ Mike Smith’s arrest in Hollywood was based on a misunderstanding, says Georgia Ling, ” described as the victim in this incident”: “Mike and I did indeed have a heavy argument but . . .  At no point did I feel I was in danger, otherwise I would’ve called the police myself, which I did not.” Smith is now out on bail.

“[A]ny industry that can demonstrate the high, reliable, quick return that film can is a good investment for the province,” writes Nova Alberts, President of the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association, to the editor of The Regina Leaderpost. This came in response to a letter which the SMPIA says contained inaccuracies about Saskatchewan’s film industry — where the money comes from, and where it goes.

National Canadian Film Day is coming up on the 20th, and Northern Stars announces that the Cabbagetown Film Festival will celebrate by screening 10 Canadian shorts from the Festival archives — details are here.

A film can be shown all over the world, hailed by critics, and still not make it to the theatres in Thunder Bay, Ontario — but for the past 23 years, the Northwest Film Festival has been working to make up for that. The Festival opened yesterday, writes Nicole Dixon of TBNewswatch, and continues next Sunday, April 10th, with offerings like Spotlight, Ex Machina, Amy, Mustang, Theeb and Canada’s own Remember.

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