Co-Pro’s, Thru the Glass, and Corporate News

Twenty percent of the budget is all it takes to get an international co-production classed as a Canadian film, a Globe and Mail  piece by Johanna Schneller reminds us. She looks into the making and financing of Hevn, the psychological thriller made in Norway, with Norway (and with Alannah Miles on the karaoke machine).

The Canadian Press’ Victoria Ahearn talks to British director James Bobin, of Alice Through the Looking Glass, and so does The Toronto Sun’s Bruce Kirkland. Why all the Canadian coverage? Bobin is in Vancouver to screen the finished film for its Canadian SFX crew. Nice of him.

(Via PRNewswire) Imagine Cinemas — a first run, independent theatre chain headquartered in Windsor, Ontario with five locations in Ontario and one in BC — has announced it’s acquired Rainbow Centre Cinemas Inc (RCCI). This will make the company the third largest movie exhibitor in Ontario, with seven new locations in the province.

Like many smaller creators, Lionsgate has had some setbacks but is still mostly hopeful. “Although last year’s film slate didn’t match the performance of previous years, this year’s slate is bigger, more balanced and is expected to generate greater profitability,” says CEO Jon Feltheimer.

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