Back to the Future Day and Back From Banff

October 21, 2015, will of course be Back to the Future Day, and Cineplex will be showing Parts I and II that day, with all three to follow on the 25th — but tickets go on sale July 3rd. Digital Journal has the details.

What’s it like talking to the insiders at Banff, and what’s the best way to do that? One of the teams from the NSI Totally Television course talks about what it was like for them and gives lots of practical advice. It’s not about talking all the time. The other team also looks back on the festival, and reflects that even the not-so-good meetings can motivate you to do better.

A 10-year-old who’s lived in Canada less than a year is now not only an award-winning poet, she’s going to be the subject of a documentary made by the National Film Board when she goes to Ottawa for Canada Day. Read the story of Misturah Evbogame in this Winnipeg Free Press article by Danielle Da Silva.

Watch this only if you don’t mind getting hungry — the NFB celebrates Canada Day, not only with a young girl’s trip to the Capital, but also with an interactive documentary about six mature women, their “six different lifetimes of hardship and joy” — and the skill they have in common: making bread. Watch Bread here.

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