Awards for Chica’s Treat, Extras for St. Nickel, MIPCOM, and Toronah

Congrats go out once again to acclaimed Quebecois filmmaker Patricia Chica, whose horror comedy short  A Tricky Treat has just won four awards at the Macabre Faire Film Festival showcase in New York. Patricia and her team go home with awards for Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Editor, and Best Special Effects.

St. Nickel needs “pretty much all kinds of people” as background extras, MFM says, and if you doubt that, just read the list of types they’ve got posted in the casting call. This French-language TV series is produced in Sudbury.

(Via CNW) Speaking of la Francophonie, it seems Canada will making its mark at MIPCOM, the all-platform content conference in Cannes — with the presentation Science Edutainment for Little Geeks, among many others.

(Via CNW) “Toronah — my kind of town.” That’s from Passion Play Media’s Toronah, a mockumentary also described as a dysfunctional comedy — with a cameo appearance by Rob Ford.  The world premiere is in December, but you can watch the trailer right now. Also, there’s a contest you can enter to win a trip — guess where.

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