AD Needed in Northern Ontario; Filmmakers Do It Themselves in Nova Scotia

MFM has posted an urgent call for a Third Assistant Director for St Nickel, filming in Sudbury. This person needs to be bilingual — you can find other details on the posting here. Also from MFM, new background extras are needed for What Would Sal Do? on the 30th and 31st. This pays $12 an hour, see more here.

The Nova Scotia film and TV community’s new site, filmnovascotia.ca, is more than an online presence — according to Broadcaster, it’s “a de facto film commission.” Created largely by volunteers, the site aims to inject some life into the suffering industry by connecting creators with locations in the province, and pointing them toward talent and crews. Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia, which used to handle this, is now closed down due to the provincial government’s fiscal decisions.

Nova Scotia seems to be full of that DIY spirit — the CBC reports that Yarmouth filmmaker Lyle Goodwin has finished a feature-length sci-fi action film that took him eight years to make, working on it himself each day but filming only when the cast could find time. South of Heaven is now available for streaming or purchase.


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