Aboriginal Artists, Casting Call, Beeba Brampton, African Artistry

Canadian Indigenous creators will now have “an even better way to create audacious, innovative and socially relevant digital media works” thanks to an enhanced partnership between the National Film Board and imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, the NFB announces. It’ll include an in-house Artist Residency at the NFB Digital Studio in Vancouver.

Once again, St. Nickel is calling for background extras in Sudbury: this time the demographic is males aged 19-24 “to play in a truck stop scene” on the 22nd, late afternoon till (very) late that night. Details here at MFM.

As the Brampton (ON) Film Commission tells Darren, its city can stand in for almost anywhere — even Vancouver, the city that stands in for everywhere else. It supplied locations for Beeba Boys, the West Coast crime thriller that opened over the weekend.

Films about Africa are not uncommon, but how often do Canadians get to see films by Africans? That was one of the ideas behind the African Film Festival of Ottawa which opened over the weekend and continues through next weekend. The CBC’s Sandra Abma reports the lineup includes “zombie flicks to political thrillers and super hero movies.”

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