The Brampton Film Commission Office Welcomes You! Part I

I recently had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Sharon Wilcox from the Brampton Film Commission Office. She is one half of the team that is putting Brampton on the map as a prime location for filmmaking. The other half of that team is Michael Ciuffini. Together, they are able to help facilitate every production that comes to town.

If your request is a road closure, road occupancy, finding a base camp or a location, they will leave no stone unturned to meet your needs. They also provide a vast variety of film permits at no cost, with the exception of road closures. If you are doing an overnight shoot, they will even act on your behalf in securing permission from neighboring properties. And they’ll do it with finesse.

Are you planning on using a drone for some of your shots? If so, they will help you acquire a permit from Transport Canada.

Sharon and Michael make a convincing argument that Brampton has the aesthetics for whatever look your film desires. It can look like a metropolis, it can appear small town and it can also appear as a heritage location. The city of Brampton also has two forest conservation sites. Movies such as Red and Beeba Boys were filmed there, not to mention a long list of others.

Brampton is located a half hour from Toronto where every piece of equipment necessary to make your film is available.

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