More on WFF’s Industry Summit

(Via WireService.ca) The three days of Whistler Film Festival’s Industry Summit are packed with information and opportunities to network. Earlier we mentioned the new Power Pitch competition and the two International Ambitions sessions, which will take place on the first day of the Summit, December 3rd.

The theme for December 4th is State of the Industry. How has the Canadian film industry done this year? With major studios increasingly focused on blockbuster franchises, how do you find your niche? Where do you find financing for a Canadian film and how do you maximize it? How should you respond to changing audience habits? How is it possible to finance a feature-length doc in today’s market? The day will wind up with View from the Top, an insightful discussion with senior players.

Content creation (and distribution) is the focus of the third day, December 5th. Five shortlisted filmmakers from BC will compete in the 9th annual MPPIA Short Film Award Pitch for $15,000 plus $100,000 worth of production services. A DIY Digital Distribution Workshop with experts from major online platforms will explore how different ones have worked for creators. Music for film — achieving the right mix and pitching it — will also be under discussion, with tips from the gatekeepers in the Canadian and U.S. industries.

There’s much more on the WFF site.


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