Half and half thrillers of Drama and Monsters

Beeba Boys – Based on actual incidents within gangs, Beeba Boys is the fast-paced story of Jeet Johar, who is a reliable man in his family. He and his gang of well-dressed hitmen take on other gangs as they fight over disappearing territory. Then during his trial for murder, Jeet starts to develop a crush on one of the jurors. This fact doesn’t make things any better for him. Great film for the man who likes violence. Also good for anyone into Dramatic Thrillers. This was actually at VIFF as well.

Bridge of Spies – Here comes another dramatic thriller. Stephen Spielberg directs this story about Brooklyn lawyer James Donovan, who thanks to the CIA, who is sent to exchange a captured Cold War pilot.  Once again, another great action film for the action fan. Great for anyone interested in true events too.

Crimson Peak – When an author is stuck in a tight spot between love and temptation, she escapes to the only safe haven she knows. A mysterious house that is actually alive somehow. Anyone who likes horror might enjoy this, though I’m a little unsure of the plot. Sounds a bit strange.

Goosebumps – Ah, man. This one brings back memories. I, along with countless other kids, read these stories when we were younger. No wonder I’m so messed up. Anyways, a teenager named Zach Cooper  (Dylan Minnette) hates his new home in a small town. He later finds out the girl next door, Hannah (Odeya Rush), is the daughter of Goosebumps author R.L. Stine (Jack Black. Seriously?). It’s a great fantasy adventure about what happens when a man’s creations are released into the world. All right, I actually think it’s a bit silly. But it’ll keep the crazy kids of today interested.


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