A Beautiful Planet, A CMT Offer, A VanChan Season, A Rain City Winner

(via CNW) In the Ontario Science Theatre, IMAX will be releasing a new space documentary on April 29. Toni Myers’ A Beautiful Planet will showcase footage of astronauts overlooking Earth and this documentary will also describe the effects on the planet over time caused by humanity. Footage has been captured from the International Space Station, is narrated by Jennifer Lawrence, and has been made with the assistance of NASA.

Corus Entertainment has a special announcement: Corus Feeds Kids is joining CMT Music Fest for a special limited single day ticket offer. Starting this Thursday, single day tickets for this event will go on sale and can be purchased either for July 8th or July 9th for only $109 plus service fees. Every $2 from the tickets will be donated to food banks. Many musicians will be at these events, including Kip Moore, The Road Hammers, Eric Church, Lindi Ortega, Zac Brown Band, and many more interesting performers. More details regarding this event can be found here.

VanChan celebrated another season of online shorts this time in the Rio Theatre. Bringing back audience favourites such as Fighting Over Stuff and Golden Futures, this month’s also included new content like The PC Police, In VanCity, and Great Minds.

Rain City 72 Film Noir Screening over the weekend announced winners of the competition. Somehow even with only five films in the contest for this one, the award results were a bit uneven. Short film The Watcher had received the most awards. Actually, it seemed to win almost all of the awards . . . (Full disclosure: This writer worked on one of the other entries in the contest.)

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