6 Canada Film Stories for Mid March Monday

From a doc on indefinite detention — in Canada — to an animated short about non-stop shopping, with thoughts on the new CRTC regs along the way:

  • The Secret Trial 5, a documentary directed and produced by Kingston, Ontario’s Amar Wala, tells the stories of  “five men who were detained by Canadian officials for almost 30 years combined [up to seven years each; three are still under house arrest] under the controversial security certificate.” Read about the film in the Kingston Whig-Standard, here.
  • The editors of the Toronto Star say the CRTC has “has spent nearly half a century constructing a sheltered workshop for Canadian broadcasters” and  “the result has sold us short.” And now it’s the CRTC who’s saying we can and must do better. Read the rest here.
  • Meanwhile, over in the same Star‘s business section, Michael Lewis is noting the possible negative fallout from the new CanCon definition for small producers, specialty channels, unions . . . the whole story is here.
  • Greg David and Diane Wild of tv-eh.com write about the issue here; neither thinks this will destroy the industry, but . . .
  • Lionsgate is doing well enough to pay a dividend of seven cents on the common share — read up on it in their press release here at PRNewswire.
  • And the Peterborough Examiner tells us about the online premiere of the animated one-minute short, The Roommate, by Peterborough’s own Stephanie Braithwaite. It uses found sound to tell the story of someone who “takes matters into her own hands when she’s fed up with her roommate’s incessant shopping.” Find out where to see it, here.

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