500 Days, mini-Eclipse, and One Unique Place to See The Force Awakens

Awhile back, we told you about filmmaker Diane Whelan’s plan to cross the country, starting on Canada Day in Newfoundland, using only non-motorized transport. This week, The Yarmouth County Vanguard’s Lynn Curwin reports, she passed through Truro, Nova Scotia, and shared some of what she’s experienced so far. The trip will be the subject of a film, 500 Days in the Wild (though Ms. Whelan realizes now that it could take much longer than that).

The Saskatchewan Science Centre in Regina is unique in a couple of ways: Come December, it’s going to be the only place in Canada to show Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Imax, and it’ll be the only place using a print of the film instead of a digital projection. Read more from Mark Melnychuk of The Leader-Post, via The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix.

(Via CNW) Burlington’s PV Labs announces its new product, the mini-Eclipse©, has made a “successful first flight.” It’s a smaller and lighter version of their Academy Award© winning Eclipse© stabilized platform, usable on a wider range of aircraft.


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