Movies that bring back memories (kind of)

Spectre – The name’s Bond. James Bond. Starring Daniel Craig as the world’s greatest secret agent, though some women don’t consider him to be hot like Bond should be. Anyways, Bond gets a cryptic message from the past telling him about a path to one of the most evil organizations ever, Spectre. James uncovers many secrets to this organization, and finds the mastermind behind it. I have heard that this film is exciting, adventurous, and is supposed to be merging all the past Bond movies together. But they’ve been using Craig for a bit too long, and he’s not entirely Bond material. I’d like to see them get a move on with Idris Elba in these movies as stated. Multiculturalism FTW.

The Peanuts Movie – Good Grief. The kids of today will not know where this ancient concept came from (unless they were raised right). But anyways, all our childhood favourites are coming up as 3D, and remarkably amazing looking as well. Charlie Brown (voiced by Noah Schnapp, whose parents come from Montreal) sets out on the best adventure ever, and Snoopy goes to face the Red Baron in his most dangerous mission. And I’m actually satisfied that they’re not throwing in modern pop-culture references for a kid’s movie. Should be a good film for the kids.

Miss You Already – A comedy about two BFF’s. Jess (Drew Barrymore) and Milly (Toni Collette) have done everything together. They’ve shared secrets, and many other things ever since they were young. But when something happens to Milly, it means their lives are to be altered in a manner they are not prepared for. Milly gets diagnosed with cancer, thus having to go through chemo. Jess on the other hand, gets impregnated and keeps it to herself for a while. But the two are willing to stay together come whatever. A film for every modern woman to watch.

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