Exclusive – Let Go by Isabel Dréan

exclusiveIf you’re a parent, then one of your biggest fears is losing a child. It is a thought many of us will not even entertain. It is also the premise of Isabel Dréan’s latest film.

I caught up with Isabel to ask about the film and how it came about. She moved to L.A. from Quebec earlier this year, so we spoke via Skype.

Isabel tells me she has two children. They make their acting debut in the film. Although it was a very frightening thought that every parent fears. “As an artist, you must be able to step outside your comfort zone to engage your audience and evoke emotion.” The father of her children still won’t watch it in fear of being overcome with sadness.

She was in the audience when it premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival earlier this year. Moments after the crescendo of the film, there were multiple gasps in the audience. Isabel tells me her heart started racing. She knew she had drawn out their emotions. Her film had made an impact on them. “As a filmmaker, you always hope to evoke emotion from your audience.”

The film had its second premiere at The Lady Filmmakers Festival this past October. Isabel intends to show it again at the New Wave Film Festival in November. Intended to be a dark drama, the horror community have embraced it. Originally 28 minutes long, it was edited down to 16 minutes.

More to come tomorrow . . .

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