500 Days in the Wild, Karlovy Vary, and Hamstrong

BC filmmaker Dianne Whelan starts a new project on Canada Day — she’s going to make her way across the country via the Trans-Canada Trail, walking (of course), cycling, skiing, and paddling, says The Coast Reporter’s Jan DeGrass. Finishing up at her home, she will film the entire journey, doing much of it herself, though she hopes to connect with other filmmakers along the way. It’ll be 500 Days in the Wild.

Seven Canadian films will be playing this year at one of the world’s oldest film festivals, the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KIFF) in the Czech Republic, celebrating its 50th anniversary, Telefilm has announced via CNW. We’ll be strongly represented by Le bruit des arbres (The Sound of Trees) by François Péloquin, Le dep by Sonia Bonspille Boileau, Sleeping Giant by Andrew Cividino, 23 kilometres by Noura KevorkianThe Forbidden Room by Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson, and The Witch, a Canada-U.S. production by Robert Eggers. The seventh film is 1980’s Les bons débarras, by Francis Mankiewicz.

And finally, GFZ Studios tells us their parody of Japanese commercials is becoming a viral sensation on the internet. Producer Lance Soler says, “We wanted to make it as funny as possible without offending anyone.” Well, if anyone can do that, Canadians can. He also says, “The song is an original anthem sung by a Japanese vocal artist, and is mostly about love and hamsters. The biggest support we’ve got on the video has been coming from Japan.” It also features sushi. But see for yourself — here’s Hamstrong:


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