Weekend Movies Look Good, Except Maybe Ted 2

Max – An animal story, Max is a military dog who works alongside his owner Kyle, a U.S. marine fighting in Afghanistan. But when Kyle gets hurt severely, Max loses focus without his owner and therefore cannot fight anymore. Max is sent home to the only other person he can find a connection with, Kyle’s brother Justin. However, Justin isn’t very good at taking responsibility for Max and doesn’t seem to care for anyone or anything at all. Max shows Justin what it is like to have witnessed his brother’s injury up close and take responsibility thanks to a teen named Carmen who is capable of understanding dogs. Justin and Max become best friends while exploring through the most amazing and dangerous adventures together. While it sounds like most “pet” movies, it might have a more intense twist to it than the usual “dog plays a sport” flick. Seems like a good movie for all ages and sounds heartwarming too.

Ted 2 – Since I personally don’t find anything of Seth Macfarlane’s to be worth watching, I can’t say an awful lot about this one. It’s a sequel about some guy’s teddy bear who comes to life and lives with him forever. I guess this is supposed to be the extended version of what happens when a child’s toy comes to life in those kid’s films. Anyways, Ted is now married to his lifelong best friend’s crush, a woman named Tami-Lynn, and they plan to have a baby. But they can’t do that because Ted is not legally a person. So Ted goes to find a lawyer and a civil rights attorney to help prove he’s not the property of his long-time friend John. I don’t know if what ensues could be considered hilarity, but if people like Macfarlane’s last flick, then I suppose they’ll like this one too. It’s an adult film, by the way.

Just the Way You Are – This isn’t playing in many theatres, but it should be worth checking out. This film features a boy named Drake who plans to win a bet that he’ll make a girl fall in love with him in 30 days. However, the girl, Sophia, isn’t into the same things as Drake. She’s more of a nerd. This certainly seems like a passionate film for anyone who’s into romantic comedies.

Slow West – As the 19th century comes to a close, a teenager by the name of Jay Cavendish travels the American frontier looking for the long lost love of his life. He’s accompanied by a traveler named Silas and followed by an outlaw. This film takes place in a section of America where there are no laws. It looks like an exciting action film for anyone who enjoys adventure in early times.

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