White Pine and TVO Tell Conflicting Stories on Doc

(Via CNW) TVO and White Pine Pictures have both released statements on their canceled project, the documentary  Premier: The Unscripted Kathleen Wynne, which was to have aired on TVO on June 6th.

TVO has again issued a statement, as it did when it pulled out of the project, listing what it says White Pine agreed to but did not deliver: A completed documentary with a director attached to the project (director Roxana Spicer resigned), consistent with TVO’s journalistic standards for editorial integrity, independence and quality, fully cleared (with signed access agreements and accompanying releases for figures who appeared in it), with Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, and delivered in time for the broadcast date.

White Pine Pictures has issued its own statement on the termination. President Peter Raymont says, “We dispute TVO’s assertions that White Pine Pictures was deficient in fulfilling the delivery requirements of the film, which was in post-production. TVO has twice issued statements that impugn my professional reputation and integrity.”

Raymont also expressed his frustration that The Toronto Star published clips from an unauthorized, copyrighted version of the documentary. He has been in negotiations for the eventual broadcast of the film, expecting a fall airdate, and urges viewers to wait and see it.

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