3 Reasons Not to Worry About BC’s Film Industry

In 2013, the Save B.C. Film movement worked for higher provincial tax credits for  the film industry — and though that never came through, it looks as if the group’s ultimate goal may be reached. Three recent stories on why the BC film industry is doing okay:

  1.  We have a prediction that “2015 will be one of B.C.’s most lucrative years ever” from the Canadian Press (via the Vancouver Sun, here).  Crawford Hawkins, executive director of the Directors Guild of Canada’s British Columbia district council, says the industry in the province is pretty much running at capacity now. Of course, all the U.S. productions like Deadpool and Star Trek 3 don’t hurt.
  2. Communities are learning the power of video. Campbell River Smile, showcasing what the Vancouver Island city has to offer, is “the fifth (and last) in a series of minute-long online promotional videos shot and edited thanks to a program previously offered through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and CGI Communications” according to this press release at WireService.ca.  At least eight other municipalities also took advantage of the video making program. (We wish we could embed some of the videos — any city councilors out there want to look into it?)
  3. Quebec’s (possible, recommended, eventual) loss could be BC’s (possible, recommended, eventual) gain. According to Global News: “The Quebec Taxation Review Committee . . . recommended phasing out the Quebec Production Services Tax Credit beginning in 2020.” The article mentions potential benefits for Ontario, but producers may just decide it’s time to consider some place with less of a harsh winter. Read the whole story here.

(Photo credit: Jean Gagnon)


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