3 Great Comedy Trailers from the Canadian Film Fest

Someone at the National Post, in a short item I can’t track down online, said last Friday that “the Canadian Film Festival could probably adopt a less generic name, but otherwise, its programming seems on the mark.” We thought we’d bring you something a little more specific about the CFF (BTW, the second F seems to stand for just “Fest”): Trailers. If you’re in Toronto, the festival takes place March 25th through 28th, and you can find out more about it here.

First up, of course, is the opening night musical comedy, The Cocksure Lads Movie. The Lads are a British band just landed in Canada to start a North American tour — until they argue over royalties and break up, 10 minutes after arriving. They scatter through Toronto, among other things “falling in love, and searching for a claw-foot bathtub.”

Among the Homegrown Shorts is Lunchbox Loser, the story of a young girl who’d like to spend her lunch break practising standup comedy in the washroom, but instead is forced to eat with her schoolmates. And, as the synopsis puts it, “Winning over the tough lunchroom audience isn’t easy, especially with a heckler in the crowd.” But Natasha’s not finished yet. (The Day Santa Didn’t Come also sounds promising — a kid with a “Canuck-Man action figure”?)

The festival closes with an offbeat romantic comedy (yeah, another comedy — we like them), Pretend We’re Kissing, which is also part of the Canadian Indie Film Series. Benny, with his “obnoxious agoraphobic hippie roommate” and his tendency to over think things, has a chance at love with “a somewhat dorky girl,” Jordan. If he doesn’t mess things up for himself.

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