1 Demand (Live), 2 Circuses Without Borders, and 12 Awards

Want to see a movie that’s streamed live as it’s being made? Catch Blast Theory’s My One Demand at the TIFF Lightbox — or on your own device (it’s free, but you need to register and get a code) at 8:00 PM Toronto time, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s part of the Luminato Festival; Alison Broverman has the details in The National Post.

The BravoFACTUAL award jury met on Tuesday and has announced its selections; Broadcaster has a complete list of the 12 recipients and their projects (including How to Recruit a Terrorist, “a satirical exposé on how ISIS is seducing youth from around the world. Similar to the film How to Make Money Selling Drugs . . .”) The cash awards will go to the production of short documentaries.

It wasn’t easy getting people to invest in a film about both Nunavut and Africa, but the documentary Circus Without Borders was finally produced and will screen at Iqaluit’s  2015 Alianait Arts Festival this week, the CBC’s Elyse Skura reports. It’s the story of unlikely friends Guillaume Saladin and Yamoussa Bangoura, who both made a difference in their communities by founding circuses. The short film Kajutaijuq:The Spirit That Comes will be presented along with it, on the 29th; you can read more details at the festival site.


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