Things To Consider When Moving To Canada

If you’re looking for a place to settle down for good, you should deem The Great White North. Being the second-largest country in the world, second to Russia, there’s nothing it does not offer. The people are aggressively polite and friendly to a fault. 

If you love being as close to the Arctic as possible and enjoy frigid weather for more than half of the year, then Canada is the place for you. 

Don’t confuse it with the rest of America or the UK. Many immigrants- now permanent residents- wish they knew more about this country in North America before migrating to give themselves a heads up. 

Here are some things you should consider when moving to Canada. 

It’s A Bilingual Country

To many people’s surprise, a peculiar fact about Canada is that it’s a bilingual country. The two languages that they speak throughout the country are English and French. Each city has a different preference of language. 

That’s why wherever you choose to stay, make sure you identify and learn what the locals speak there. In some cities, French is more prominent than English and in others, it’s vice versa. 

Immigration Program In Canada

Immigration is crucial for people who are looking to move permanently. Canada offers a very flexible immigration program. The key is to determine what part of the program gives you access to the country. You can visit the country through the following procedures. 

  • Family sponsorship

It means that your family already lives there and is eligible to keep you with them. 

  • Spouse sponsorship 

Your spouse lives there and sponsors you as a visitor or for permanent migration.

  • Express Entry 

This option is only for skilled workers. 

  • Entrepreneurs or Investors 

People are eligible for business start-ups or investing in the business. 

  • Provincial 

It is a sporadic form of residency. 

  • International Adoption

Permit to adopt a child from overseas.  

  • Refugees

You are fleeing your country for safety reasons and applying for permanent residence. 


Canada health care has its highs and lows. You can visit a doctor free of cost only because public funds run it. Apart from that, you cannot have free dental treatments. Dental assistance requires a hefty fee. 

Third-party health insurance can cover a lot of your prescriptions and treatments, including optical ones. The tricky part is that even if you acquire permanent residence, it’ll be months before you can enjoy the leniency of healthcare. 

Most Renowned Cities In Canada

Now comes the option of choosing where to stay in the Great White North. The most reputed cities in the country are Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. You can also live in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, 

The best part about these cities is that there are so many facilities in just your arm’s reach. The availability of long-distance movers throughout the country makes the migrating procedure so much easier. There’s a variety of places to visit and enjoy as well.

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