The Pitchfest Is Calling

If you are an aspiring writer with the world’s greatest screenplay and want immediate feedback, then go to a pitchfest. There, you will have the amazing opportunity to pitch your script to studios such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Lions Gate, Dream Works, MGM, Universal and many more. As a matter of fact, most pitchfests average between 80 and 100 studio reps per event. There is a studio for every budget, every genre and every type of media, some more established than others and some with reputations as being “the one to impress.”

How does it work? Once you decide which pitchfest you are going to attend, you’ll need to purchase your pass. An array of classes on writing for comedy, action, romance and horror is always offered with your purchase. Panels of A list writers are indicative of pitchfest’s. If inspiration is what you seek, I highly recommend sitting in on as many as possible. There is always a Q & A following.

Need a tweak on that pitch? There are classes for that also. Ever wanted to try improv comedy? This venue covers that too. Maybe you brought a hard copy of your script with you and you want a professional critique. There are services for that as well.

Info sheets are included with each package. They include budget, genre and contact info. Narrow your choices down and select your target. You only have five minutes per pitch. Relax, visualize, take a breath mint and sell that story!

(The Great American PitchFest is coming up at the end of this month — see more on Facebook.)

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