Affecting Films, Effecting Change

What difference would a guaranteed income make to Canadians living in poverty? Two filmmakers from the Yukon are going to find out and document it, CBC reports. Jayden Soroka and Vivian Belik plan to choose one family each from Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Ontario and Nunavut, and top up their wages for a year. They’re hoping the resulting documentary will spark some dialogue.

Trauma, chaos, damage, and Josh Brolin out-self-deprecating Denis Villeneuve — it’s all in a day’s coverage of Sicario’s opening today at Cannes, by Chris Knight in The National Post.

The Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts is presenting its Kino Film Fest on June 12th through 14th at the Cosmopolitan Music Society in Edmonton. Four Ukrainian films and a four-part animated series for kids will play over the three days. The description for the first film, The Guide, says “The story takes place in a savage time, filled with bloodcurdling historical events. But the film is not about that. It is about how people endure great tragedies because there is hope in their hearts.”

From Bell Media, we learn that Sensitive Skin has started production on its second season in Toronto. The award-winning series stars Kim Catrall, who also serves as executive producer, as Davina, “a woman of a certain age.” In the first season, Davina and her husband moved downtown seeking to be hip. In the second season, she “enters a transitional phase in her life that uproots her from the sterile streets of Toronto to a new life in the picturesque Toronto Islands.” The show will air on The Movie Network in the East and Movie Central in the West.

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