Save Video from Any Site with Free Video Downloader

When you are bored or travelling, watching videos is perhaps the most interesting way to kill time. All it requires is plugging in your earphones and watching your favourite videos online. 

We have amazing platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion, and many others that are the ultimate provider of all kinds of videos. 

Whether you want to watch educational lectures, movies, songs, documentaries, or anything else, these streaming videos have everything in store for you.

What Is a Video Downloader, And Why Need It?

You must be wondering how to download these videos. We have the amazing invention, video downloader tools.  A video downloader is a tool that helps you download your favourite videos from any streaming video platform. These video grabber tools are fast and produce the same quality of videos that you watch online.

Free video downloader by SmallSeoTools.com is an online utility that you can access from any device using a browser. No need to install the software on your system set it up, and then download videos. Instead, with just a few clicks, you can download videos online almost quickly in the high-quality result.

Download Video Vs. Online Streaming, What Is the Better Option?

A large number of people are now considering the option to download videos instead of watching them online. If you are still not aware of this option, then we will explain why downloaded videos are a new trend these days.

  • Watch Offline

Not everyone has an internet connection, and even if they do, it is not stable enough to let you watch lengthy videos. You can seize the opportunity and use the internet to download videos instead of streaming them every time you watch. It is a one-time effort, but once it is downloaded, you can watch it as many times as you want.

So, while your internet is out of order or travelling, you can always watch downloaded videos without any hassle.

  • Easily Accessible

When you download videos from video streaming sites, it becomes easy to access. You can create a folder on your device and save videos according to their categories. In fact, you can even share around and save videos on any compatible video device and watch on the go.

  • No Ads

While watching videos online, you will get to see a lot of ads and popups. These ads can surely be annoying and may break the flow of whatever video you are watching. However, this is not the case when you download videos. A saved video is free from all sorts of ads and breaks and will definitely improve your watching experience.

  • No Payment Required

Now you must be wondering, with all these great benefits, there must be a cost attached to it. Good news! You can download videos free of cost without having to pay a dime. You can create a backup of all your favourite videos and even watch them after twenty years.

If you can’t afford to pay money to buy movies or music albums, just download them from YouTube and experience the same level of entertainment as paid videos.

 How Have Video Streaming Sites Changed Our Lives?

We have just covered one aspect where we can watch videos to pass the time, but if these sites are appropriately utilized, then there is a lot more we can do with it. Suppose you are in the kitchen and have no clue what to cook; you can head your way to YouTube, search for a recipe you would like to cook and watch step by step guide of cooking the dish. I am sure the end result would turn out great, especially when you can visually see how a certain process is done.

Moreover, students are no more reliant on the textual form of education but can now also use videos as a way to educate themselves about a certain topic. In fact, according to studies, information that you hear and see is quickly absorbed by the brain in comparison to just reading text. Also, videos offer an interactive way to present and explain data with images, analysis, and storytelling.

We have focused on all the benefits that come with watching their online videos, but what if you were given a chance to download videos instead of streaming online?

Parting Words


Undoubtedly our reliance on digital technology has increased over the years. Since almost everything has been automated, it is not easy to stay away from technology. If we make the best use out of it, then technology is certainly a great benefit for all of us. Just like how video downloaders have improvised the way we conduct our lives.

These user-friendly programs are available in abundance, and you can use the popular ones to download videos. Just make sure to do a little research before using one, as not all video downloader tools produce quality videos.

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