Canadian Gambling Movies

There’s a lot of movies that focus on gambling and are Canadian produced. One of the many reasons why gambling is such an interesting concept is because it’s a personal interest among most Canadians. Whether at casinos or unknown confidential underground places, or even online, it’s best to stick to legal gambling Canada. Another reason gambling is constantly used is because the story can focus on just about anything. Here is a list of some movies which have some very interesting storylines.

Borealis – Starting out as a poker game and becoming a risky road trip, Borealis focuses on a down-on-his-luck father named Jonah and his teenage daughter Aurora as they travel by car to see the Northern Lights. One thing he doesn’t mention is they’re being followed by a nasty loan shark intent on collecting his debt within 12 hours of time before SOMEBODY gets hurt. It’s amazing what lengths someone can go to with earning money and escaping from someone. A rather twisted film with a lot of turns, Borealis is one film that will make you consider bonding and gambling safely.


Owning Mahowny – Sometimes the best stories are what happen in real life. Take this movie for example, the story of Dan Mahowny who is an average worker at a bank in Toronto. When he gets promoted to Assistant branch manager because his boss really likes him, little does Mr. Bossman know his most favourable employee has a gambling problem. When Mahowny skims large sums of money from large bank accounts, and soon when the police get involved, things are only going to get worse. A great movie that strongly focuses on what’s wrong with gambling when you do it irresponsibly, especially with something you’re supposed to be careful with, like someone else’s savings. Nothing captured the essence of Mahowny’s messed up methods better than this movie.


Mississippi Grind – While not exactly a Canadian film, it does have a Canadian actor, the one and only Ryan Reynolds. When two gamblers with different records of gambling meet at a casino, and together they go on the greatest gambling spree of all time. From horse racing to blackjack, to a game of pool, there’s no stop in Mississippi Grind that’s close to a stopping point in the long crazy trip of these two new best friends. Great actors, fine locations, extremely intense story with lots going on, you should definitely watch it to see the excitement of bets sometimes, and the occasional dangers of it too.


The Last Casino – A movie that focuses on the riskiness of card counting, one thing that you should be very careful at doing in casinos, or you could get caught. Better you don’t do it at all actually. A Math teacher owes $40,000 to a loan shark after doing such a heinous crime, and decides to get some university students together and recruit them into doing the shady business in hopes he can pay off his debt and educate a new generation of criminals and troublemakers. This film has more interesting twists than Borealis and is worth checking out and the emotion portrayal is very well done.

There’s lots more movies out there from Canada, starring Canadian talent, or even made by Canadian directors, but we’re not going to get into any of those today. But be sure to check these out and if they put you in the mood to go on gambling adventures of your own, go ahead and give it a try. Since we know COVID-19 is still lingering around now, the best place to check is some online casinos. Also don’t forget to be wise and gamble carefully.

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