Networking Your Butt Off

Breaking into the industry can be daunting and intimidating. This is a business of relationships. Who you know really can be everything. As you seek out people that can help you further your career, I’ve explored tips and strategies that can help you investigate your best options for rubbing elbows, hobnobbing and perfecting the chinwag.

If you’re shy, you’ll need to work on that. Wouldn’t want a deal breaker hinging on your ability to face anxiety and nerves whilst watching a golden opportunity slip away. You must be able to present your best self whenever and wherever the opportunity knocks. Always carry a few cards on you to hand out in the wake of new meets. Pulling the phone from your pocket to punch in some numbers loses its finesse.

Increasing your opportunities to connect is key. Tried and tested methods may very well include Film Festivals, social media, local film events, volunteering on indie films and/or signing up for a film class.

Looking at Film Festivals as a source of networking is highly effective. Filmmakers of all levels attend. A plethora of intersections with directors, writers and producers happen frequently.

Social media such as Facebook groups, Linkedin, the website Stage 32.com, Raindance, Twitter, imdb are all good sources for researching and zeroing in on your intended network targets.

Volunteering on films is the ultimate form of synergy. You bring your best, show character, make friends and in return, they’ll help you make your first film.

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