VSFF (The Experience)

One of the most pleasant things about the film industry is the relatively small movies known as short films. Short films are done in a smaller amount of time as they’re much easier to make. These are perfect for anybody who can’t sit through a full length without dozing off. Personally, I blame the comfy theatre chairs. Short films don’t last over an hour and are sometimes only around half an hour or even two or so minutes. I tend to review a lot of them because there are more of those than full lengths nowadays.

Day 1 went pretty smoothly. For starters, there was a mingling in the lobby, complete with live music, a vegan buffet, and the fellas from IndieAction conducting interviews for their show. There was a speech by Beverly Elliot and Devon Cook before we saw the short movies. Now onto the films:

Blue Jet: This one was about a radical radio station in China that played music considered forbidden in the country. Y’know, death metal and whatnot. Interesting little film. Had some emotion in it.

Zoetrope: After watching this historic film, you’ll see the Burrard St Bridge differently than usual. Of course, I see it as a fortress, but that’s only from my last photoshoot.

Imperial: A man suffers from the loss of his Grandfather. This one was interesting, but took some figuring out personally. Who plays records anymore anyway?

Migrant Bodies: It’s just people dancing while some caption appears over them. Not much to expect.

Nephew: People talking about experiences with their Uncles. Not much to expect. Except for maybe some shared moments. And a bit of plot.

At this point, there was an intermission, and someone stole my pen for the rest of the evening. Everything from this point further on is strictly from memory.

(To be continued)


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