Movie Review Writing Tips for Canadian Students

Writing a movie review can be made easy if you have seen the movie in question however, writing one without seeing the movie in question is not a good idea. It is like going into a gunfight without any ammunition. You will not succeed, and in this case, you will not get a good mark. We asked

a team of movie review experts from Custom Writings service to share some tips you need to produce an amazing review.  


  1. See the movie more than once if possible: This is an amazing tip, and, if possible, watch the movie twice or even three times. Doing this will help you pick up any plot twists and important elements in the movie, which you might have missed during the first viewing. It is always worth revisiting a movie if you are still unsure about certain things before you begin writing the review.
  2. Give an honest opinion about the movie: There is absolutely no problem with reading other people’s opinions on a movie to see what they have to say about it. However, copying it and presenting their thoughts as your own is plagiarism. Never ever copy or steal someone else’s thoughts. If you feel let down, underwhelmed, offended by what you’ve seen in a move, address that and give genuine reasons why. Those are the hallmarks of a good movie review, and any personal attacks on the cast, producers, the genre and directors, are missing the mark on what a movie review is all about.
  3. Make your movie review readable: The first thing you have to do here is to know the audience you are writing a review for. If you are writing for the fanboys and fangirls of the movie, feel free to express yourself more. Writing for a professional website is a different matter. You have to make sure you support any criticisms you have of the movie with valid points.
  4. Don’t spoil the movie for people: No one wants to have a movie spoiled for them before they have a chance to see it for themselves. When writing a movie review, you have to be very careful when you are addressing key plot points of the movie. The mark of a great movie review writer is your ability to avoid spoilers. Skate around any spoilers and scratch the surface of what one can expect when they see the movie.
  5. Make a judgment on the story: Every single movie tells a story to the audience, and when reviewing a movie, play close attention to the actions of the protagonist. What are their motives? Were they right to do what they did? Any conspiracies?  Is the plot making any sense, is it narrated properly? Is the pacing of the movie on point? And so on.
  6. Give a rating on the actor’s performances: One of the major selling points of any movie is the actor’s ability to tell the story convincingly to the audience. Sometimes in movies, a great actor with all the charm in the world can be let down by a poor script. On other occasions, a poor script can be saved by great acting. Pay close attention to how the actors carried themselves in the movie and how they performed their roles. Give readers a clear inside of any shortcomings and great performances you saw in the movie.
  7. Judge the tech on the movie: Blockbuster movies of major franchises like the avengers, for example, will have plenty of technological elements in them. It is your job as a movie reviewer to critique these for your audience before they see the movie. These are things like music, camera angles, lighting, sounds, CGI, set pieces, and so on. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person or know all the fancy tech words out there to make a judgment on these things. Everyone knows good camera angles, music, light, sound quality, CGI, and set pieces when they see them. Give your readers an honest option on this too, when you are writing a review.

Writing an amazing movie review takes some skills, and not many people across the world manage to get it right. With some practice, students can become an expert movie review writer as long as they have a passion for it as well as following the 7 tips mentioned above. One thing that comes with the territory when it comes to writing a movie review is not everyone will agree with what you say. Some will and some will not. There will be other people who will take your review to heart before they watch the movie while others will ignore your views and still watch it anyway. To avoid frustrating your readers, make your review enjoyable, avoid spoilers, and get to the point very quickly.

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