Canadian Gambling Movies

One of the many subjects in Canadian cinema that there isn’t enough of is gambling. There’s lots of opportunities to have fun with your money, there’s the online apps, there’s casual poker with the friends, there’s even casinos. One of the most reliable spots currently is allslots casino canada where you feel a buzz whenever you play. It’s a great buzz. Even though it’s a good operator, you still have to read reviews and make sure that you understand what are their benefits comparing to the other brands available. Now, while there isn’t a lot of Canadian gambling movies, there certainly are some very memorable ones.

A good start is Owning Mahowny, starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman who plays a Toronto bank owner and invests himself in the world of gambling, without having much of a gamesense at all.  As he increasingly gambles and bets all of the bank’s money away, Mahowny finds himself in a big financial situation. One of the reasons, this is one of the best movies is because it’s based on a true story. It also teaches people why it’s important not to gamble your money away because who knows where it could all go. 

Other movies that are made in the gambling and Canadian veins, are exceptionally similar, like The Good Thief. Taking place through 5 different countries, The Good Thief tells the story of an old long-time gambler named Bob Montagnet who runs into the same problem as Mahowny and keeps on losing more and more. Desperate, he decides to get money the only way he figures is best, but is actually the worst: Robbing a casino in Monte Carlo.

Getting together a team of masterminds to help, Montagnet’s Six make a plan to pull off a heist but they must watch out for a suspicious police officer. While it is an interesting sounding plot, the actual film happens to be lacking a little bit. To some people, it sounds predictable, but it’s actually a different kind of heist movie than the usual ones anyone sees, which is probably why it’s either lacking or misunderstood.

There are plenty of other movies out there too, like Atlantic City, Lucky Number Slevin, and Rat Race, all of which I would recommend checking out. They tell some interesting stories about gambling and making money. Someday, there will be reviews on each of these films, but for now, feel free to try out gambling in casinos. Chances are, you’ll be convinced to try it out after learning some lessons in gamesense. Because like in movies, it’s important to know limits before unexpected problems happen. And chances are, unlike in movies, you never truly know if you’ll win big or not. Just watch those numbers and have fun.

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