How to Understand That a Girl Is Manipulating You and What to Do?

Manipulation is a characteristic feature of female behaviour. In one way or another, all the girls try to suggest particular thoughts to their gentlemen. It is inherent in them by nature. After all, it is hard to survive when others are physically stronger! But what if a girl is trying to manipulate for real? 

Types of Manipulation

To understand how to resist the influence of one of the Ukrainian women you have recently met, you first need to understand its most common types and directions:

  • Exposure to fear: A girlfriend may start threatening, usually with problems in the relationship. Although, there are girls who use even intimidation or more weighty arguments.
  • The impact of guilt: A girl accuses her partner of all the sins: coldness in the relationship, lack of attention, etc. So, she provokes remorse in her partner, forcing him to urgently buy flowers as a gift or an expensive necklace as an apology.
  • The impact of a sense of obligation: A girl tries to manipulate, influencing stereotypes about male responsibilities. She insists that the guy must open champagne/wine, cook meat, earn a lot of money, buy a car, pay for all restaurant bills, etc.


Fight Against Manipulation

Women’s influence, which has gone beyond reasonable limits, harms relationships. A guy suffers financial losses and may even feel humiliated. While his girlfriend gradually loses respect for him and increases her appetites. Over time, such a couple has an increased risk of breaking up. Therefore, you should remember that the fight against women’s whims is useful for both sides of the relationship.

  1. If a girl is trying to manipulate using feelings of guilt, her partner needs to think if he is really guilty. You need to be able to admit your mistakes. But if there is no real guilt, why apologize? It is best to talk to the girl in a relaxed atmosphere and clarify the situation. An adequate girl will accept weighty arguments.
  2. If she influences with a sense of duty, a guy should remember that his mandatory behaviour is not spelled out anywhere. Did he promise to take the girl to the movies or buy a car? 

Guys shouldn’t forget that they are controlled because they allow it. If a girl presses, you need to resist it. It is necessary to reject a naive attitude towards the female sex, not to succumb to ostentatious defencelessness, and not to be afraid of resentment or scandals.