How to Pursue Acting and Support Yourself

When it comes to making money, creative bunch (Actors, music producers, etc) have somewhat issues with it. Let me be clear here. It’s not your fault. It’s just what you were told. Things like “The chances of you becoming a successful actor are pretty slim. Even if you rock at it”.


Well in all cases, when you get someone’s advice, they are just putting their own fears on you. So best thing is to listen to yourself and take bold actions. Now obviously, we all need to pay our bills so how do we go about doing that? 


While making sure we are pursuing our passion of acting with full force?


Well let’s have a look at these tips:


Get a simple 9-5 job.


All jobs require hard work but a ’simple’ job is repetitive and doesn’t use to much mental energy. Like working as a grocery bagging clerk or as a receptionist, etc. Something that pays the bills and doesn’t get you too stressed. s


This way, you can conserve all your thinking energy for practicing acting later. The last thing you want to do is start your own business. Starting a business may require you to really think which will take your bandwidth away. Also this kind of additional activities require more of your bandwidth. 


Frankly speaking, one of the worst things you can do is make that perfect amount of money before chasing your real passion. As money is something you can get whenever, but time . . . once it passes, you are not getting it back.


Of course you can be an actor at any age and who knows what your journey is going to be about. However, it’s always considered good directly after what you want.


Get Organized


One thing we creative folks can improve on is organization. Some actors even think that it hinders your creativity. 


Fact of the matter is everything in nature is organized. 


A child is born around 9 months, your lungs are organized to make sure you are breathing properly, your stomach has an entirely different job and the list goes on. It’s just that together they work in such perfect harmony that we don’t notice it. However, if you really think about it, they are all organized to do what they are supposed to. 


That’s why they do such a great job. Pretty neat eh?


In fact, organization fuels more creativity and more results because you now have a ‘system’ to receive these creative ideas and put them in action right away.


Unless organization is already your strong suit, it may be a game changing habit for you. Best part is you can apply it to anything. Your place of residence, structuring your monthly living costs and so on.

One Hour A Day Rule


Here is the best secret to success. Just spend one hour a day on something you are trying to accomplish. In this case, it would be acting. Do this everyday. 


Like act for an hour or perhaps even practice dialogue, etc It’s not even about the hour. Heck you can just do 50 minutes of acting or even 30. The idea is to do something daily. 


Once you start doing this, your craft will get better and you will most likely enjoy your work too. This kind of consistency will create a natural balance in your life and you’ll be rocking and rolling like never before.


When you do what you love everyday, good things usually happen. Plus you’ll be improving your craft anyways, so why not?


Grow Your Financial Awareness


No matter how much acting you love, there is no way you can do it 24/7. After all, you need some time to rest. 


So next time you take a couple hours off from acting, just read up or watch youtube videos on savings, etc.


Using this to improve your financial awareness can pay dividends like no other. Especially down the road when you are negotiating your acting fees with a client or producer. 


The more aware you are of something, the more it will come in your life. 


Isn’t that wonderful? 


So keep these simple tips in mind, believe in yourself, and simply go for it.


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