How to Plan a Hollywood-Style Date Night

Remember the iconic scene from “A Walk to Remember” where Landon fulfills Jamie’s wish of being in two places at once? The scene was pretty romantic for a date night! We can still hear all those “aws” at the back of our heads.


Hollywood-style romantic dates are a dream for everyone. Trust us, when we say this, we mean for both men and women. It feels magical when someone puts their best efforts into making your day. 


Not many people know how to organize a date as phenomenal as the ones in movies. They stay clueless about arrangements, ambiance, menu, and decor! Are you one of them? If so, then get your pen & paper and start taking notes from your date guru:


#1 Sparkle Your Room with Decorative Lights 

As you will be arranging a date night at home, it’s best to give your space a dazzling touch. And what’s the best way to do so? Stunning decorative lights, ofcourse! Make sure to get multiple sets of decorative lights and adorn the central area of the room. 

Start with walls first. You can also make exclusive patterns through the lights. They maintain an aesthetic room aura that’s no less than a fairy-tale. You can also adorn your room paintings, mirrors, and plants through these lights.


To make it even more alluring, look for yellow fairy lights. They can render a beautiful texture and color to the place. Also, they are a popular pick in Hollywood movies! You must have seen how the movie leads enjoy their dinner amidst the sequential light arrangements. That’s exactly how you and your partner are going to look. 


#2 Chicken Dinner, much? 

What’s a date without good food? Good food equals a good mood, after all. While the “chicken dinner” is just a metaphor, you can cook anything that your partner likes. Ask your partner about their favorites and prepare the meals accordingly. Some common foods to serve on a date are sushi, tapas, lobsters, quesadilla, and pasta.


If you have the culinary skills of a chef, try creating a full-fledged menu featuring their favorite cuisine! From starters to dessert, make sure that everything is related to the same. Alternatively, you can also make themed-food menus. Say, if they are into emojis, make them emoji cupcakes, cakes, or donuts for dessert. 


#3 Romanticise the Date with Soothing Music

Amidst all the romantic eye contact, it’s worth playing soothing music to build up the ambiance. There are numerous romantic numbers to try for your date. However, our favorite has to be “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. 


The lines like “Oh, her eyes, her eyes. Make the stars look like they’re not shining” depict your feeling for them. You can also go for other numbers like Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley), Perfect/ Thinking Out Loud (by Ed Sheeran), and 

Endless Love (Lionel Riche).


#4 May I Have Your Dance?

Slow music calls for a slow dance, but not just randomly anywhere! Instead, you can set up a place by the pool. Use curtain lights for decoration to make the area more special. The serene notes of slow music, the sparkling light, and pool water are enough to make them fall in love with you (again!). 


Make sure to choose high-quality curtain lights as it ensures better illumination. Also, place them in a reflective position so that the light falls on the water. The shiner, the better!

#5 Flower Shower!

While dancing, it’s worth giving your partner a surprise. A popular way to do so is by flower shower. Place their favorite flowers on the roof of the dancing area. Make sure to schedule the flower shower when you both reach the middle of the site. The beautiful drizzle of bloom will impress your partner while initiating an aromatic environment.


#6 It’s Movie Time!

After the dinner date, arrange a romantic movie night. Make sure to ask about their favorite genres and arrange the movies accordingly. Alternatively, there are some movies that never get old. 


This includes When Harry Met Sally, 10 Things I Hate About You, and The Notebook. If they are into animation, you can go for movies like Up, Tangled, or Beauty and the Beast. If a movie seems too much for them, simply go for Netflix and chill. 


#7 Cushions and Pillows on the Couch

When planning a movie night, it’s important to adorn the seating area. The idea is to make the couch as comfortable as possible. For that, you can get colorful pillows or cushions and place them casually on the couch. 


While it doesn’t have to be organized entirely, avoid any haphazard placements. You can create a color theme for cushions or just mix and match. 


#8 Gifts, Gifts, and more Gifts!

Your partner always expects something from you on a date. That’s why do not forget about gifts! Most of the time, their favorite bunch of flowers is enough to win their heart. But, to make things extra-special, team up the flowers with something like chocolates, soft toys, or pendants. If they are a bibliophile, you can give them a book by their favorite author. 


#9 Wine By the Fireplace

If you and your partner are chill people, then arrange a wine by the fireplace date. Both of you can sip your favorite wine varieties while relishing the heat. It’s a pretty good option for winters! There is no need for anything luxurious. Just a well-lit ambiance where both of you can talk and sip. 


What Else?

It’s crucial for you to dress up right on your date. Your attire should highlight your best features. It should also throw an outstanding first impression. For that, you can try something casual and elegant. 


While women can try dresses, men can go for shirts and sport coats. Search your closet for chic and voguish dresses and make sure it contrasts with the dating environment. That way, your partner’s eyes will be glued to you.



So that’s how you plan a typical Hollywood-style date night. Hopefully, with our ideas, you and your partner will have a great time.


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