BUMP – Mini-Review

Did you ever run into somebody on the street? Just ran right into them without noticing? I have. But in my defence, I was spaced out. Long explanation about that. But aside from that encounter, most of them have been quick and ineffective and nobody paid mind to them. Not me or the other person.

This short on the other hand, has a different route regarding a little bump, when two strangers (Maziyar Khatam and Dylan Ray Hatton) run into each other and get into an argument. One demands an apology and jumps to conclusions, and eventually the two escalate in their fight, a little too much. But does everything get truly resolved?

It’s a film that doesn’t seem like much, but it actually is. Minimal crew doing minimal work but still makes a worthwhile film. One thing about is that it’s all done in exactly one take. The acting is pretty genuine and it’s interesting to see the directions the characters go in. It catches you somewhat off-guard, much like colliding with someone on the street, or any unexpected surprise. How does it end? Hard to say. Things like these just tend to happen.

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