How To Finance Your Next Film

Making films is exciting. Attaching the talent, amazing director, dedicated crew, video editor and that gifted musician with mad skills for musical scores is all you can hope for. However, how do you entice them to work with you?

Money certainly helps. Unless you come from wealth or have a been collecting pop bottles (for years) you might need outside help. Luckily, there are sources that can help you make your film become a reality. In researching these sources, I’ve listed some of the better well known, reliable ones.

Indiegogo is certainly at the top of the list. It has two options available: Flexible Funding – receive funds whether or not you reach your goal — and Fixed Funding – funds received only if you reach your goal. Be careful how you choose. There is an apparent 9% fee on projects not meeting their funding goals.

RocketHub is another source. Initially launched with the arts in mind, it’s expanded to include science, education, business and social good projects. It’s also partnered with A&E for joint initiatives.

Kickstarter is also a huge player in funding projects. It does however have a rigorous submission process which can be frustrating and daunting.

Peerbackers is also very successful and well known for supportive funding.

In addition to these most popular groups there is also the NFB, BC Council for the Arts, Cineworks and Crazy 8’s.

It all starts with a great script and well worked business plan.

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