Three Gambling movies in the 90s Canada players should watch

For everything favorite thing we love doing, we always try to live in the moment, to enjoy it longer. While this could be done, there is also the logic of finding things related to that favorite thing you love doing or watching.

For example, if you are a die-hard basketball fan, who feels there are not enough games being played an all-year-round. In this case, the basketball fan looks for things related to the favorite sports like playing the game with the friends in a court, downloading the game to play on their phones or PC, and watching movies related to it.

In this way, we can compare the basketball fan to a gambler, who loves nothing more than to gamble and win their respective bets. Gamblers will only love to do things related to gambling, and there can only be one representation, which is watching movies based on a story of gambling and dealings going on in a casino club.

Ever since the integration of sports in our daily lives way back, not long after was gambling introduced to the people of the world, or maybe it existed way further before that. Either way, with gambling having so many players all around the world, it is highly expected for there to be movies based on these activities.

In this article and with the help of casinoaussie.net, we will be discussing movies that have been produced and directed to be based on gambling.

In this list, however, we will only be looking at movies created back in the 90s, an age when gambling could be said to not be fully legal in all countries, right before online gambling, which is rampant everywhere these days, became a thing.


In this list are some of the best movies produced in the nineties, which gamblers from Canada should watch. It is in no particular order.


Vegas Vacation (1997)

This is a movie telling the story of Clark Griswold, who worked in a food preservative industry and invented a long-life food preservative, which resulted in a large bonus check being awarded to him by Frank Shirley. Celebrating this, he took his family for a vacation to the elegant and famous Las Vegas, which is not exactly a family-friendly environment.

The leading act ended up gambling away his family account, which is where the main movie began. His gambling life ended quite interesting, it details the use of slot machines in an impressive way. With the love many Canadians showed for Slot machines, this should be an interesting show for them.


The Gambler

The Gambler is a movie directed by Karoly Makk and was based on the story of an 1866 novel with the same name by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. This movie depicted everybody as a gambler of some sort. It centers on the life of a Russian tutor Alexei Ivanovich, who made his first gamble on a roulette table for the woman he loves but treats him with cold indifference. His life took a massive turn from there.

Fun fact? In Canada online gambling got legalized right after the The Gambler movie. On this online gambling in Canada page you can find all information about the process which took over 20 years! 



The casino is one of the most popular gambling movies out there. Its popularity is not only known in Canada but also everywhere across the world. Casino centers around Sam Ace Rothstein, who is a Jewish American gambler asked by the Chicago Outfit to supervise the activities of Tangiers Casino, both its hotel and casino operations.

This movie described the life of Sam, the difficulties in his job, which included getting involved with the Mafia’s business with the casino. It is one of the best movies produced known all through the gambling world and definitely one a Canadian gambler should love. Gamblers love it.


There are several gambling movies exclusively available out there, but we feel these three are definitely one of the best 90s movies, based on gambling, every gambler in Canada should watch and take note of.

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