Canadian Movies that Stole the Show at TIFF this Year

The silver screen has a charm that can bewilder anyone. The glitz and glamor of this world is something that is ensnaring as well as educative. The world of the movies raises awareness as much as it entertains the audience. And that is probably why, Universities have film making, film studies and acting as courses, amidst an array of various others. However, only a handful of people are exposed to the true gems of cinema. 

The frenzy regarding Hollywood allows very few arthouses or parallel movies from other film industries to come to the surface. These remain hidden in the underbellies for the most part. One such gem of an industry that we shall discuss today in this article is that of the Canadian film industry. 


2020 has been a nightmarish year for reasons we need not remind you about. However, the Canadian film industry has also pushed headlines with some brilliant films this year. The movies that we are going to shed light upon have stolen the show at the Toronto International Film Festival, and therefore, we might as well pay our undiluted attention to them. 

Over the length and breadth of the article, we shall have a look at some amazing comedies, a few compelling dramas and some must-watch documentaries. Therefore, without any further ado, let us turn our gaze towards some of these beautiful Canadian masterpieces and make mental notes about what to binge through this weekend.

Akilla’s Escape:

The first movie that we shall talk about and that took the TIFF by a storm is Akilla’s Escape. The crime drama, directed by Charles Officer, chronicles the journey of a 40-year-old Akilla, who is a drug dealer. He gets caught up amidst a deal that goes southwards. If you want a taste of something other than casinos and gambling crimes, and want to shift your focus from gambling sites like  www.usafriendlypokersites.com/texas/ for a while, you might want to watch this movie.

Akilla is able to escape but not before confronting his own past traumas. He comes across a teenaged boy who has ties to the same criminal syndicate, which brings him to face his traumas. Akilla becomes determined to protect the boy as a means to resolve his childhood horrors.


The next movie that we have here on the list is Beans, which has been inspired by real events. The movie is a debut feature film by Tracey Deer and narrates the events of the Oka Crisis or Kanestake Resistance. 

The movie chronicles the events from the perspective of a 12-year old. A heart-touching movie that will get you to use your brain juices, it shows how a young girl is torn between adolescence and having to grow up early, and also portrays how she has to explore herself and use her voice to set the records straights while navigating the impacts of racism.



The third movie that we have up for discussion is Fauna, directed by Nicolas Pereda. The movie has a comedic take on the nature of violence in Mexico and how it has impacted the imagination of the people living in the place. You could take a look at the trailer of the movie. However, you can rest assured that the trailer shall give away nothing, yet keep you on the edge of your seats till its last second.

Inconvenient Indian:

Up next we have Inconvenient Indian, of Michelle Latimer, who has a proud mixed heritage. She has been enjoying quite an excellent phase in her career, with her drama Trickster of a surreal nature premiering on the CBC, and her documentary Inconvenient Indian stealing the show at the TIFF. The movie Inconvenient Indian has been adapted from an award-winning book by Thomas King, and is a must-watch documentary. It is a documentary that explores the cultural colonization faced by the indigenous people in North America.

Pieces of a Woman:

The last movie that we have decided to put on the list is Pieces of a Woman shot in Montreal. You might know of Vanessa Kirby from Netflix’s The Crown, where she stole the show with her portrayal of Princess Margaret. The movie shows how a couple struggles to be together despite their class difference in the face of all odds. However, disaster strikes and results in both of them dealing with their grief in different ways.

Wrapping Up:

These were a few Canadian gems that have wreaked quite a havoc at the TIFF this year. If you want something different than your normal Hollywood, you might want to shift your focus to these brilliant movies and catch up with them this weekend. Hollywood is not the only film industry that churns out quality movies, and it is about time we give the other film industries their due recognition.

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