What Is The Best Type of Gaming Device?

Every gamer knows they can play their favourite games on different device types. The device you choose will depend on the type of gamer you are and the types of games you play. So, which of these devices stands above the rest?

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones have become very powerful in recent years, and now there are even gaming phones that come with gamer-specific features. For example, the gaming phone options from ASUS come with shoulder buttons and custom cooling options for a better gaming experience.

Smartphones also now have powerful processors and enough RAM to rival some laptops. We have seen phones with up to 18 GB of RAM for unprecedented performance on all types of games. Manufacturers then pair these phones with displays that have high refresh and touch sampling rates for smoother gaming experiences.

Those looking for a bigger screen to play on can select a tablet. Tablets are not as great as phones for gaming due to their size, but they are perfect for some games where you need to see as much as possible.

Gaming Computer

The gaming computer is the quintessential gaming device as it gives you everything you would need in a gaming device. Computers run all types of games, even those from other devices through various emulations.

The two choices you get here are gaming desktops and gaming laptops, each with its pros and cons. For example, gaming desktops are typically more powerful than their laptop counterparts, but they are not portable so you are “stuck in place” whenever you would like to play your favourite games. You can also pick different monitor sizes depending on the type of gamer you are, something that’s only possible on a laptop if you decide to play on an external display.

Laptops, on the other hand, give you everything you need to game in one neat package. The portability of modern gaming laptops lets you use yours wherever you wish and in different settings. 

Laptops are also catching up to desktop computers in terms of performance, with some laptops even coming with desktop-grade components for even better performance. That said, even the ones that come with laptop-grade CPUs and GPUs such as the top Lenovo gaming notebooks are still powerful enough to let you play the latest games at high frame rates without any image tears or stutters.


Much like smartphones, handhelds have come a long way, with some of them now capable of running whole computer operating systems. Hardware manufacturers and game developers have worked hard to give them excellent performance, and this is perhaps the reason they have become the go-to portable gaming devices for many people.


Sony and Microsoft keep improving their respective PlayStation and Xbox offerings to the point where they have become the main gaming devices for gamers. Consoles are a great option for those who prefer playing on their TVs and are a great companion for those who would like to take advantage of console-exclusive games and features.


Each type of gaming device has its pros and cons, but the gaming computer comes out on top due to its versatility. Smartphones are perfect for those who like gaming on the go, and every gamer should own at least one console.

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