The Casino Affiliate Industry is showing steady growth and promising future outlooks

It’s crazy how you can make a fortune off of sheer luck at gambling. If you’re looking to invest in the casino industry, you should know that it promises a growth rate of 54% YOY. The most significant factor behind this steady growth rate is new AI technology and introducing new elements of entertainment. Like everything else, casinos have also shifted from physical spaces to virtual ones. When casinos were first introduced less than two decades ago, they were just small, shady gambling facilities. Since then, they’ve evolved into a $60 billion entertainment industry.

Casino affiliates act as promotional tools for online casinos. They bring in players and get paid a percentage of profits as a commission for each player that visits the casino or becomes a depositing player through a unique affiliate link. The great thing about casino affiliate networks is that they connect publishers with affiliate programs related to casino services. Plus, even though these affiliate networks have a limited number of offers, these are very well-paying with the potential to generate high income. Besides, casino affiliate programs are backed by popular household name brands that go a long way in building trust. Lastly, since the recent rise of smartphones over desktops, mobile landing pages lead to high conversions and payouts. That means it’s pretty much a win-win situation because casino affiliates are bound to generate revenue. However, to ensure maximum ROI, it’s best to do your research on the most trending casinos. 


Photo of Douglas Morin, Expert Editor at Gambling Alliance & The Open Gaming Society CA

According to casino expert Douglas Morin, the top 3 online casinos for 2020 include LeoVegas, Lucky Days and Betway.  

Since there are already a minimal number of options when it comes to casino affiliates, I’ve put together a list of super affiliates that promise high returns. That, coupled with the right tricks at the casino, will guarantee you take the lottery home.     

Catena Media

Catena Media is currently Europe’s fastest-growing company in lead generation, simultaneously the fastest-growing casino affiliate in the industry. Fortunately for Catena Media, UK’s underlying market is growing steadily, which strengthens its position in regulated markets. If you’re looking to invest in the company, you can expect a total earn-out purchase price of EUR 3.25 million if profit is generated between 20-50%. If you’re looking for the payout data, you should know that payments are made no later than the 15th of every month.

Better Collective 

Better Collective was termed as the Number 1 power affiliate back in 2018 by the eGaming Review, and rightly so. It’s one of the best providers of online gaming tips, bookmaker information, and gambling tools. Among 25 other providers, including Catena Media, Better Collective bagged the first place due to its business and commercial success, M&A activity, and its regulatory and compliance procedures. Recently, it entered into a strategic commercial partnership with Daily Telegraph in the UK to combine innovative technology and commercial content for sports betting and casino.



iGaming is an essential name in the casino industry because it’s a B2B magazine focusing entirely on online gambling. The great thing about its affiliates is that there’s a low minimum payment threshold of €20. To add to that, there are no bunding or admin fees, and stats are updated hourly, which means players have all the information they need to make a decision. However, a critical analysis of the platform revealed a few downsides. It doesn’t cater to US players, and payments are sent to the player account only.

Similarly, the commission is also sent in euros only. If you invest between €1- €5000, you’re likely to generate a 20% return. Likewise, you can earn a 35% return if you invest as high as €50000. It’s the standard rule of business; the higher the return, the higher the risk. 

Thimba Media

Thimba Media was initially a digital marketing and SEO firm, but its acquisitions have made it a prominent player in the casino industry. It’s first strategic move was acquiring the sports betting exchange comparison website, Betopin. This flagship website established a strong position for Thimba in the UK’s market. A market that is estimated at a £2bn gross.

Bet 365

In 2019, Bet 365 won a spot for one of the best online casinos for players in the UK. The casino affiliate is a ‘one-wallet’ system, meaning that players have single access to their casino, poker, sportsbook and other games by using the same login details and payment platform for each. The great thing about Bet 365 is that you can earn a 30% revenue share for every player that you refer to any of its affiliate sites. Not just that, but the platform also sends detailed statistics, tools and reports about the performance of your campaigns to your account which goes a long way in making decisions about betting and gaming that will eventually determine your commission. However, an important thing to note about Bet 365 is that you need to remain active in order to operate your account. New accounts will be closed unless you bring in 5 players within 3 months of joining. The affiliate payments are also deferred until the 5 players are delivered. 


If you’re a regular player, you’re probably already familiar with Kindred – formerly known as Unibet. It’s currently Europe’s biggest and most trusted brands; with over 20 languages in its affiliate program, conversion and retention rates of the platform are through the roof. The Kindred Affiliate Program will get you a revenue share of about 20-35% on its entire range of gaming products. The exact revenue percentage depends on the turnover of an affiliate’s clients. Plus, the platform is very rewarding when it comes to new players. Those who bring in 20 new depositing players get a 5% commission above the standard percentage. You can expect a payout within the first 15 days of the month with no administrative costs whatsoever. 

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