Best casino movies to watch this year in Canada

How people choose to entertain themselves depends on many factors. It could be a personal choice as some may prefer to watch horror movies or soap operas. Others may prefer thrillers or drama. Some may opt to venture into outdoor activities like swimming, jogging, camping, or hiking.

The climatic conditions of the country of residence also play an important role in how people choose to spend their free time. Mediterranean countries like Italy, Malta, Spain, Cyprus, France, and Greece offer the perfect weather conditions for people to enjoy outdoor life. Clear blue skies and sunshine almost all year round allow Mediterranean people to spend more time on the beach, go snorkelling, fishing or just read a book relaxing on a sandy beach.

Scandinavian countries and northern European countries offer mountains, snow, and rivers permitting local people to go skiing, mountaineering or canoeing. Climatic conditions in Canada are very similar to those of Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Thus, Canadians would prefer to enjoy most of their leisure time indoors. This does not mean that Canadians spend all their time at home. Actually, when the weather permits, most Canadians prefer to go skiing, fishing, or trekking.

Staying indoors during the harsh winter days is a must for most Canadians who sometimes are snowed in and spend more time indoors than most of us do. They have to find avenues for how to entertain themselves, and most of them get glued to their smart televisions, smart telephone, and laptops. They may opt to simply browse the internet or play online games. Many prefer to watch a movie or two together with the rest of the family and a bucket of homemade popcorn.

In addition, to the harsh winter season, Canadians, like other populations across the globe, had to endure the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent number of lockdowns. This has forced people to spend more time indoors than usual.

New Canadian Casinos could be a good option and outlet for Canadian punters to spend their time wisely. On the other hand, Canada is a rich country blessed with precious natural resources. It has mountains, rivers, open spaces, and iconic sites like Niagara Falls. Also, rich in mineral resources makes the country one of the best places to live in. That said, Canadians have until recently worked very hard to make the film industry one of the main pillars of the Canadian economy. This has furnished the world with a substantial number of Canadian-born actors as well as a number of Canadian-made movies.

Casino/gambling movies provide viewers with an interesting and exciting story that resonates both with casinos fans and normal viewers who are not the least interested in gambling and have never played one casino game. The following are some of the casino movies that Canadians can opt to view this year:

1. Dead Heat – 2002 Crime Comedy Drama: is about a thirty-five old police officer who had heart problems whilst carrying out his official duties as a policeman. His health condition led him to retire from the Police Force, leaving him in a deep depressive mode and contemplating suicide. His half-brother, a local small-time thief, persuades the main character to invest in a long-shot racing horse whose owners and jockey are embroiled in drugs and the underworld.

2. Casino – a classic movie produced by the movie legend Martin Scorsese. It is about a person (played by Robert De Niro) who is asked to run a Las Vegas casino. The problem is that the owners of the casino are linked to the Chicago mob. This obviously creates problems for the person in charge of the day-to-day running of the outlet. This movie is three-hour-long, and viewers are advised to find the time to watch the whole movie as it is really worth spending so much time in front of the television.

3. Croupier – is a British dark movie that has already made a huge success in North America. The story is about a man who chooses to take a job in a casino to make up for his failure as a writer. It is very emotional, filled with grief, pity, and a vast dose of frustration.

4. Molly’s Game – the movie is inspired by Molly Bloom’s memoir. Bloom, a former freestyle skier who never made it to the Olympics due to injury, became involved in the world of high-stakes poker games. She was detailed to run the infamous Cobra Lounge, where she was showered with huge amounts of financial tips by celebrities and billionaires. This lucrative lifestyle enticed Bloom to embrace the world of underground poker with all its sinister consequences.

5. Ocean’s Thirteen – the cast includes famous actors like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. The story circles around the character of Danny Ocean, who cooks up a plan to conduct a heist on the opening night of the central casino known as the Bank. The movie depicts the preparations and challenges faced by the team of thieves leading to the heist itself.

6. Runner Runner – is about a huge empire of poker sites and casinos online. It includes ideas that were prompted by true events of poker players combing together to prove that cheating was occurring. It also comprises what happened with the Full Tilt Poker where players’ account balances were not held separately from company funds.

7. Rounders – the story revolves around the character of Mike (played by Matt Damon), who finds himself in debt to a Russian mobster. Some perceive this movie as the most important gambling movie ever made.

8.   Fear and Loathing Las Vegas – this movie is based on a true story of a journalist named Hunter Thompson. The main character and his lawyer take a trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to cover sports events. Whilst in Las Vegas, the two spend their money on drugs and venture aimed at finding their American Dream. In their journey, they face gamblers, drug dealers, police officers, and hitchhikers. In essence, this movie shows how Sin City can be a dark, deranged and dangerous place it can be if you mingle with the wrong people.

9. Uncut Gems – is about a hopeless gambling addict who takes on any player and is unable to stop his urge to gamble until he completely demolishes himself. The story sends a strong signal to viewers, especially gamblers, to impose self-control and set boundaries when gambling to avoid serious consequences later in life. It also portrays the ugliness of being addicted to gambling without any self-restraints. If you are a fan of Adam Sandler and what to witness the destruction of what gambling addictions do, this movie is just a must. 

10. 21 – The 21 movie is one of a kind. A gambling movie coupled with Kevin Spacey is just a masterpiece, as the latter takes on the role of a Maths teacher that teaches youngsters all the secrets about Blackjack. Counting numbers, counting cards, and just applying some Pure Maths in between could be the winning or the losing strategy here. The film is based on a true story, one you can actually read about. 

All of these movies are available online or on different platforms. Some of the movies show the glamour and panache that comes with the gambling world and exciting and enjoyable it can be. Other movies serve as a warning sign to avoid over gambling and getting oneself too deep into the casino world.

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