Vancouver: A Place People Recognize As Washington, Oregon, or California

A year ago I lived in Kerrisdale, the neighbourhood that inspired Superbad. It is a neighbourhood filled with seniors, sushi restaurants, and students living in basement suites. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg went to the

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Angell’s Demons? And Others

(via CBC.ca) Archive video shows royal visit in 1939. Recently, some rare archive video footage from 1939 has been uploaded to YouTube. The footage starts out with kids in Burnaby, BC,  setting up for a

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Films of Everyday Syria, Residential School Voices, and a 13-Year Commercial Break

The Vancouver Courier has a piece on Abounaddara, “an anonymous collective of volunteer, self-taught artists whose weekly short films offer a glimpse of the lives of ordinary Syrians.” The films offer an alternative view to the

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