Angell’s Demons? And Others

(via CBC.ca) Archive video shows royal visit in 1939. Recently, some rare archive video footage from 1939 has been uploaded to YouTube. The footage starts out with kids in Burnaby, BC,  setting up for a royal visit arriving soon, then after a lot of setup, the King and Queen (George VI and Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother) ride through the town greeting everybody in their vintage car. This footage was shot on 16 mm film by Andy Digney.

On CTV Sunday night, the series premiere of LUCIFER drew 1.7 million viewers. This has already ranked LUCIFER as the third most watched show on CTV after The X-Files and Quantico. The X-Files has gained two million viewers within the second part of the two-part season debut just recently.  CTV has also announced that the premiere of DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW has a new spot in prime time  on February 7th  after its successful premiere on Thursday night.

Reel West has reported that director Victoria Angell has taken on a role from her dark side in her first horror film, named Summoned. Angell’s short horror is about a young woman who is caught in an abusive situation. She summons a demon to take care of the issue at hand, but that only makes things worse for her. Originally raised in North Carolina but ending up in Vancouver, Angell produced a couple short films and then took on directing over the summer with this short.

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