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 What can you make on little to no money? Anything at all. It can be so simplistic yet so wild at the same time. Welcome to the weird wonderful world of Marmalaise, one of the most strangest and interesting series I’ve ever seen. Created by the talented Nick McAnulty, this is probably his greatest thing made. Aside from having a cool name, he has also created movies in the past, like Uncle Brian which made my friend cry within less than a minute, and Capture Kill Release which caught me off-guard in a matter of minutes.

Marmalaise has a way of also catching just about anybody off-guard in the most zaniest of unexpected incidents involving the most random characters I’ve ever seen. Every episode has a different subject which I can never tell is the main focus or not, and all episodes have a pretty basic concept. A live couple made of pairs of pajamas sit down to watch a video tape called Marmalaise which is hosted by two strange felt things that look like something that came from the dark side of Jim Henson’s mind. Other characters involved in between sketches include two talking roly-poly fish-heads who make puns, German beer commercials featuring a wolf, a Charles Manson lookalike who features surreal songs about random items, and so much more weirdness. Aside from the obvious strangeness I just mentioned, a running gag throughout the series is a luchador clown guy looking like a fan-made Strong Bad Costume who kills anybody that disobeys signs (usually also referring to the title’s subject matter), and episodes also start out, feature in between, and end with talking food and/or appliances in the Pajama couple’s kitchen or other locations. 

Many different filmmaking mediums are used in the making of this, such as live action, stop motion, some visual effects, and a little bit of puppetry. It’s like a kid show for adults, you take all the weird randomness and sketches of Between the Lions or Sesame Street and spice them up with extreme adult themes of drinking, violence, and even losing everything life has to offer you. Characters are hilarious and creepy, concepts are strange but interesting, and it brings you into a world of weirdness that leaves you wondering what just happened. A great series that will make you embrace your inner crazy, Marmalaise will put you in a hazy daze. I happen to be a big fan of concepts like these. It recently came out a couple weeks ago, but I would recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. This impressive work deserves more views and recognition.



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