Capture Kill Release (Review)

Cameras are great. People use them to record TV shows, movies, music videos, homemade youtube skits, and their personal lives. The eccentric couple played by Jenn Fraser and Farhang Ghajar record their personal lives as they make love, shop for hardware, and talk about how to kill. Wait, what? That’s right, a couple are planning to kill somebody and record it for memories sake. They record almost everything. Getting the supplies, doing the research, even discussing how to destroy all the evidence. So who’s going to be their victim? Some guy who referred to Jenn as the c-word because she didn’t see where she was going. Yeah. Well, Farhang disagrees with the idea and I’m on board with him on that, but that only causes tension between the two which only results in things getting worse through recorded footage. Jenn’s first victim ends up being a friendly homeless man she met the same day and Farhang’s panic attacks increase throughout the process of killing the penniless bum.

When it comes to something that looks like it was filmed on the street, without permits, hardly any finance, and an unstable camera, it doesn’t come off as something you’d expect to be a full length. Or even something that would be for the general public especially considering the content matter showing how to murder someone AND get away with it. It comes off as almost homemade but that’s the point. They don’t exactly do long lasting shots as there is cuts between every single one. The story is well thought out and this style of filming shows the characters as they develop a difference showing that when a couple can’t completely see eye to eye, things only escalate for both of them. I of all people should know. Furthermore, while the visuals may seem freaky and disturbing complete with Farhang’s anxiety and disgust, it helps give the feel of being more realistic and at the same time more chilling to anybody watching. In the movie industry, found footage has been done but seeing it in such a style as this helps add a whole new dimension to horror movies in general. Not easy to believe it’s an actual movie when you take a close look at it. Illusion is the art of this film.

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