Up in a Plane (Review)

It’s been hard to find anything worth watching ever since I ran out of stuff to look at on Indieflix. Fortunately, the filmmakers of NSI have provided plenty of quick and simple shorts that are easy to review.

Written, directed, and produced by Rachel Moore is this slightly odd yet meaningful animation. While it has minimal colours for 97% of the film, it makes up for it in a meaningful story about someone’s life.

A young girl is attending the funeral of her grandfather, and somehow just remembering him creates a story in her imagination about his life. This happens when she looks up towards a plane, and then the animation reworks itself into something with more detail. Like every life story, we see his birth, where he lived, where he moved to, what he did, and the story of his family.

The majority of his story takes place in Saskatchewan, and then later moves to Vancouver and Edmonton over the course of the 20th century. Of course, he survives and lives long enough to fall in love and see descendants.

There isn’t a whole lot of consistency to the story though. I can’t really tell if there’s an ending or not and everything seems awkwardly drawn and wavy. But for what it is, Rachel Moore has truly made a heartwarming piece of artwork considering the effort shown. Made with a magically delightful use of paint on glass.

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