Portable Green Screen (Product Review)

Spanning at five by seven feet in size fully open, this  22-inch reversible back screen  from South Korea’s NewRun is perfect for anybody who wants to be stationary in a green screen shot. One side is a bright green while the other side is blue, just in case some people prefer to chroma out blue if someone is wearing green.

While it does a good job in being a green screen, it doesn’t do much of a job at storage. One of the more difficult factors of its compact and portable nature is the folding mechanism. Within the screen itself is a metal rod which is connected with a small metal clamp. When folding up the screen, the metal bends at the most awkward of positions and is hard to adjust, often snapping out of place or even making one or both of the ends pop loose of the clamp that keeps them together. This can be extremely stressful to readjust and even more so when trying to fit the product back into its carrying bag.

The green screen has four little fabric loops which help make it easy to hang on a wall. Just about anything from thumbtacks to metal hooks can hold up the green screen. The lighting doesn’t have to be complex  either. Simply a couple of compact lights are enough to keep the green screen professionally lit.

However, a big issue is creases on the green screen which can sometimes be a pain to edit out. Since packing the screen away into a small pack is the only option for storage, there is no guarantee that fold marks and other creases will simply disappear once unfolded. Not exactly the best size either, but works if you want to edit yourself standing still somewhere.

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  1. Since I ve got access to two different kinds of green screen material, I was able to run two separate tests and the Fiilex kit that I had was flexible and adaptable to different lighting conditions.

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