Exclusive – Alison Balnar Lands In LA Part I

exclusiveAlison Balnar is living the dream. She moved to LA a few years ago to follow her passion for acting. Once she had an address she immediately enrolled in the  New York Film Academy.

Her latest role was for a short film entitled 60 Eight.

With her full schedule and commitment to rehearsals and auditions, I was lucky enough to talk to this busy actress about the business of Hollywood, good and bad.

“Can you explain the movie 60 Eight to me?”

“It’s about a man named John. At the age of eight he has an accident and falls into a 52-year coma. Upon waking up, he struggles through life until meeting up with his past. Eight-year-old best friend Sarah.”

The film was one of 546 short films selected from the U.S. to premiere at Cannes in May of this year. In the film Alison plays the role of  Sarah at age 18.

Alison is currently involved in another short film, Bloggers. The film will then be transformed into a web series. Alison has already been to table reads for the series.

“How many auditions do you typically go on in a month?”

“It can fluctuate, but typically one audition per week. I will usually receive the sides (miniature scripts) the day before or the day of the audition. The audition usually consists of you sitting in a room with similar lookalikes before getting called to read. Once it’s over, I’m elated.”

(To be continued)

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