Leo Awards Highlights

The Leo Awards gala was held last night in Vancouver, and we’d like to congratulate all the winners — you can see the full list here — and also take a look back at our own coverage of a couple of those winners.

The Devout won this year’s Best Motion Picture with its crisis-of-faith drama of a dying little girl who seems to be the reincarnation of an Apollo 1 astronaut. You can read Nick’s review here; he enjoyed the light moments of the film, and despite the subject matter, there are plenty of them. Connor Gaston won Best Screenwriting (Motion Picture) for the film and was nominated for Best Director. You can read Darren’s exclusive interview with him here and here.  The cast, crew and editors took home multiple awards.  As for the film itself, Darren says, “It grabbed me from beginning to end. It evoked emotion, the hallmark of a well made film. It certainly deserves all the success and accolades it earns with every premiere.”

Charlotte’s Song brought awards to the teams behind its makeup (Sarah Elizabeth, Audrey Himmer-Jude, Jeannie Satterthwaite, Brendan Mainusch, Amy Leigh Poitras),  costumes (Brandon Peterson, Ash Turner) and production design (Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, Victoria Pearson). They brought to life the story of a mermaid’s daughter wondering whether to go back to the sea or live on with her father in the dust bowl. Naim Sutherland won Best Cinematography for the film, and Kim Oxlund, Maya Saxell, and Red Heartbreaker won Best Musical Score.  Star Katelyn Mager was nominated for Best Performance by a Female — but The Devout swept up the acting awards this year.

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