Twoview: Shorts about Death

The Anti-versary – Some elderly Chinese friends meet together for a game of Mah-jong, I think. Anyways, an elderly man named Michael (Phillip Tsui) shows up with a bottle of wine saying this was an anniversary present from his wife, and they haven’t bothered drinking it over the years. They were going to drink it on their 50th anniversary but then she passed away. He ends up drinking it with his friends on a not-so-special day. He seems to think it’s good but everyone else is disgusted by how rotten it is. This was a semi-emotional film with some passion, however most of that left when Michael’s friends tried to stomach that wine. I can’t say it entirely touched me though. It is a good idea but I can’t imagine why someone would stall with a bottle of wine for that long.

Tin Soldier – Starring Christian Paul as Leonard Lawrence, Pascal Alain’s short film depicts how soldiers are sometimes under control by other forces that are there to set them up. When Leonard wakes up next to a dead soldier he tries to find out where he is. He eventually meets another soldier named James T. Davis (Danny Gilmore) who is also trying to figure out what is going on. However neither of them can prepare for the strange magnetic force that is about to hit them. Dramatic 3D effects and dark slow violin music add to this masterpiece of a story. Chilling and inspiring at the same time, it shows the hard life of those who go to war.

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