Movies for the Weekend: Medals, Miracles, and Escaping Chicago

Divergent Series: Allegiant For anyone who’s been following the series, this picks up from the last movie, Insurgent. Tris and Four escape and make their way over the wall surrounding Chicago. Upon leaving, the two learn what it’s like outside and who to trust as there’s an upcoming battle which is sure to mean the end of humanity. It’s all about making difficult choices from there. Anyone who’s been up to date with the series will either find this interesting or they might just not find it as good as the last few movies.

The Bronze A comedy drama starring Melissa Rauch as Hope-Ann Gregory,  a once well-known athlete. Despite having a wounded Achilles, she proved everyone wrong when she won a bronze medal for Ohio in a strenuous gymnastics tournament. However, not a whole lot has changed ever since Hope’s victory. She’s just known as a minor celebrity around town and that’s about it. Doesn’t do much of anything with her life. However, a girl in town named Maggie is the next upcoming gymnast and Hope is required to coach her if she wants an inheritance. But perhaps Hope is more focused on  sabotaging Maggie so she can still be known as the better woman. A comedy drama that is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who’s a huge fan of gymnastics.

Miracles from Heaven Based on a true story, the Beam family comes across a shocking dilemma when 10-year-old Anna is diagnosed with some kind of life-threatening disease that remains unknown. Her mother Christy (Jennifer Garner) then sets out to find the cure and save her daughter. However nobody expects a recovery after Anna gets into a freak accident. An inspiring movie about family, this sounds like one of the most moving films this year.

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